Memorial Items

It is one thing to craft fine jewelry. It is altogether another to create keepsakes that remind us of those we love… What better way to stay close than with a reminder of his or her unique touch in a Thumbie Fingerprint Keepsake!

Meadow Hill crafts its keepsakes entirely in the United States using the finest precious metals and exacting quality standards. The process begins when you make your selections and place an order. We send you an ink kit for collecting the finger, foot or hand prints you want to preserve. You simply mail or scan and email the print back to us. Our artisans will cast your custom pieces polish them and engrave each one.

Meadow Hill invites you to take a moment to view our complete Thumbies Collection and see all the ways you can remember the touch of your loved ones!

"Memorial Jewelry" is a line of jewelry specially designed to hold the cremated remains of a loved one. Traditionally, they were worn around the neck in the form of a pendant. Over the past years they have grown in popularity, primarily due to the increasing choice for cremation. A wide-variety of pieces are available in multiple shapes and sizes and can be cast in 14kt yellow or white gold, or even sterling silver.

This line of jewelry offers comfort to anyone who chooses to have their departed loved ones with them at all times. Whether your choice is to divide your cremated remains into several different pieces, or contain them all in a single vessel, we guarantee you will be more than satisfied with your decision. Many people even use them to hold the cremated remains of a beloved pet such as a cat or dog.

If you are interested in ordering memorial items such as these, please contact one of our Directors to discuss your needs.